VI. Enveloped

VI. Enveloped

Introducing our spacious and stylish deep and roomy sofa, for those who want to get wrapped up in comfort but don’t want to compromise on style. This sofa was specifically designed for maximum family coziness and allows for greater options in room design and layout than the ‘L’.

Here are the fun facts for fabulous families:

2-4 people can lie down with their feet touching and lean back whilst sitting on the arms.

A family of 6 can line up comfortably but it can also accommodate 8 or even more if you all squeeze on.

The feet are upholstered so the whole piece is luxuriously soft and no stubbed toes.
The side and back have also been considered so it could be used in the middle of the room if required.

The fabric is Performance so that the cat, dog, popcorn and kitchen sink can join in on the fun!

Back cushions are 100% down.
Seat cushions are foam with feather wrap.
Made to Order

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Width 320cm 126" Depth 110cm 43.5" Height 70cm 27.5" Seat Height 45cm 17.75"

Lead time

10-12 weeks

as seen All prices quoted are inclusive of works