IV. Infinite Lines

IV. Infinite Lines

Inspired by the mosaic floors at The Thorvaldsens Museum this whimsical rug is made of 100% New Zealand wool, dyed several times to reveal complex tones of the same hue known as Abrash. Abrash is painterly, it shows movement in the wool, allowing one to see the hand in the work. This method removes any sense of manufacturing and adds granularity to the colour. Abrash colouration in rugs is also a typical characteristic of genuine oriental and nomadic handmade rugs, a perfect starting point for Tredgett to explore her signature style the tension between traditional, modern and whimsical.

In this piece Tredgett has sought to explore the infinite capabilities of lines and shapes and how they are simultaneously able to prop each other up and propel each other forward. The result is a rug steeped in history with a modern playful twist, it’s a rug that makes you think by playing with ideas, making one art form look like another. An impressively large rug to get lost in and enjoy every day.

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Height: 325 cm Width:  245 cm

Lead time

12-14 weeks


Custom colour available

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