I. Let the light in

I. Let the light in

Inspired by the intricate texture of a cherished 1970s lamp, these sculptural tables are made from coloured resin. Resin has many desirable qualities, it is easily mouldable, more pleasing to touch than glass, able to let light pass through it as well as being light physically. These features were essential to Tredgett’s vision. Combining form with function, the sleek and smooth exterior envelops a complex network of maze-like strokes. It is a nuanced mix of serenity and friction, brilliant in its imperfection, authentic in its transparency. A celebration of the inner workings of what is usually unseen. With this table Tredgett has conceived an artistic led talking point piece for the modern home. It can be used as a table or stool can be enjoyed both indoors and out and is available in pink, green or gold.

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Height: 45cm 18” Diameter: 40cm 16”

Lead time

8-10 weeks


Pink Green Gold

as seen All prices quoted are inclusive of works