About Natalie

Natalie Tredgett is best known for creating poetic spaces with her inimitable use of colour used in combination with distinctive memorable arts. Her work is immersive and playful with a layered elegance to its boldness.

At the core of Natalie Tredgett Design is a dedication to the client relationship. A Natalie Tredgett designed space is a clear representation of the client with her unique perspective running through it. Natalie encourages her clients to find joy and freedom in the creativity of self-expression, placing memorable objects as representations of her clients’ storyShe understands the versatility of objects and is able to execute the design brief in a variety of ways that all hang together seamlessly. Natalie has a wealth of interiors knowledge and a vast and diverse directory of creatives she calls upon for every project.


Natalie founded her studio in 2012 having established herself under design guru Nicky Haslam.  She trained in Interior Design at KLC, has an MBA from the University of Edinburgh, holds a Bachelor of Art from the University of Western Ontario and has a background in management consultancy. Natalie Tredgett Design has recently moved to a new studio in the heart of Notting Hill.




Interview with Natalie.


Why do you love colour?


 “You are the environment you invest in.” 


Colour stirs emotion. It is brave. To live with it requires some reflection. To dig deep in oneself to discover what emotion you want to surround yourself with. Why you love a colour so much is quite simply because it brings you pleasure. Once found, the colour reveals an honest feeling or pleasure. When making decisions about home decor you have to commit to what you are prepared to live with for a while if not forever. It is too expensive to go with a fad and the best design in my opinion never dates. So decisions take courage. When a client decides to live with colour they know they love it because they have taken the time to find it. It’s brave. It’s honest. It’s uniquely theirs. I often hear my clients say, I know it’s mad but I love it! It makes them smile as if they are revealing a secret. It’s a commitment.



What do you think is the most valuable part of what you offer at Natalie Tredgett Design


“We’re not simply dressing a home – we are building on the back of individuals’ personalities and life stories and working with the fabric and structure of the home itself.”


I spend the time to really understand who my clients are and align with their vision. My clients are looking for my eye, to marry their vision with my unique point of view, creativity and expertise to lift and realise their goals. Each project is different, collaboration to a greater or lesser degree depends on the client’s needs. Beyond this, my clients trust the service provided by my vetted team of suppliers to make their vision a reality. We are dedicated to enabling our busy clients to have the freedom and time to focus on their lives and careers. Efficiency and sticking to budgets as well as good project management are paramount. Trust is also a key element to our service. My clients can be themselves and feel confident that we will deliver  great results finished to a high standard.


How would you describe your design aesthetic and your dedication to your Craft?


“Space evokes emotion and makes the senses come to life.”


I like to see myself as progressive and somewhat Avant Garde. I love the tension between tradition, modern and whimsical. Like the famous wedding superstition “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. My aesthetic is – something old, something new, an heirloom, and some whimsy too.


To achieve this, I work with collectors, makers and artists who I admire and are passionate about their craft. I source and collaborate to find and create one of kind pieces for our clients. These pieces trigger a connection to my clients – perhaps from one’s past or reconnects a memory or a lost moment. The result is a space that evokes emotion and makes the senses come to life.


I believe we need to fuss more about our cherished memories and objects of beauty. They bring us pleasure. If you don’t make a fuss it will pass you like any other day. Pleasure is important to life. Always celebrate the little things, the little things are really the big things in the end.


Life is short, give in to the way you live and be you in your home.

I believe if you love it, anything goes. Things don’t necessarily have to match. A little contrast creates lasting interest, pleasure and beauty.

Natalie Tredgett